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Diana Lin is a fashion designer, T-shirt designer and an illustrator who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Using humorous and eccentric style through her works. Born and raised in New York City majority of Diana's childhood memories were obsessively drawing. At the age 10 after living in the big city she moved to the south of Taiwan, Ping Tung. The cultural transition made a huge influence in her life and works. She took her first step in Fashion Design by Enrolling into Mingsheng High, where she won twice 1st place in both Fashion Design competition and illustration competition, 10th in the National Fashion Design Contest and won a Honor Award in Fashion Design. After spending her teen years in Taiwan, She headed back home to NY, carrying on her studies in Fashion Institute of Technology, where her works have been held in displays and exhibitions. Diana aside has exhibited and collaborated her works in other various fields and events from urban tees to performance. Diana studied her final year abroad in Milan (FIT in Politecnico di Milano). Diana perspective towards designing is to utilize different ranges of medium and technique with a dose of unconventional humor

Exhibit & Awards

*Pie- Art Display, Union Square, NYC. September 2009
*POLIMI Fashion Show in Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy June 2008
*Publishing in UK Fashion Illustration 2008
*Everybody! Let`s Make Some Noise @ White Room Group Exhibit, Brooklyn, NYC March 2007
*WONKAVISION MAGAZINE PRESENTS: "Long In The Tooth Group Exhibit, Philadelphia March 2007
°Metropolis Gallery April 2007
°The Lizard Lounge Group Exhibit April 2007
°Fashion Art Display in Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan NYC May 2006
*Body Conture Display in Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan NYC May 2006-Present
*Fashion Art Display at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan NYC May 2004-2006'
°Fashion Design Achivement Award 2002
*10th Place National High School Fashion Design Competition 2002
*1st Place Mingsheing High Fashion Design Competition 2002
*1st Place Mingsheing High Illurstration Competition 2002
*1st Place Mingsheing High Fashion Design Competition 2001
*1st Place Anti-Drugs Illurstration Competition 2001
*3rd Place Mingsheing High Fashion Design Competition 2000
*1st Place Dancing Competition 1999
*3rd Place Native Taiwanese Dancing Competition 1999

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last in NYC

going to be heading to Milan for a year very soon
So far I've been happy the way I choose to live my life, guess I'm a really lucky person...
met sooo many great ppl, experienced so many different things and learned a ton
I hope it'll be just as a positive experience in Milan

Monday, July 02, 2007

Tee Designs done for Indie Industries..... (and Modeled)

Always had a clash when Indie Industries has a sample party these couple of months (but I'm gonna be there @ least once before I leave NY)
Thanks for the ppl who liked my Tee's
bought them or even considered to
and big thanks to J and Mike

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Some really good new stuff in the Jonathan LeVine Gallery
At The Edge of Town exhibition of new mixed media handcrafts painted wood sculptures by AJ Fosik.
Equilibrium, Brazilian native Vitche’s first solo exhibition in New York.
The show features sculptures, paintings and an installation.
Trouble, Pass Me By, by Andy Kehoe
provokes ambiguity in his paintings and explores an interaction between figures and their natural surroundings,
as well as the contrast between natural beauty and human ugliness.
after all that goodness I headed to another gallery showing Andy Warhol
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


This was the latest Art work I did (around mid April)
for my Fashion portfolio class
Ummm I like drawing cartoony stuff all the time but every time when it comes down to my Fashion stuff
I just couldn't help but draw the same ass fashion style
but this time was different coz I picked two weird sports Thai boxing and Break dancing for my portfolio
and how am I gonna draw something like that without having fun??
I'll post the final look when I get my files

All Mighty Esther

Celebrating Esther getting into the society of illustration once again!!
check her stuff out @ http://estherc.blogspot.com

Tekkon Kinkreet vs Mind Game

Been waiting to see this movie for over a year
Finally Tekkon KinKreet's prime debut in America was showing in the MOMA just this week
and luckily I got to meet the director himself Michael Arias~!!!!
Produced by Studio 4°C "Japan 's leading animation studio~ I LOVE THEM!!"
The movie was....visually great but the script was scattered though

down below is my NO.1 favorite movie "Mind Game マインド ゲーム" went to the MOMA theater to watch this over 6 times about 2 years ago
made and directed by Masaaki Yuasa and created by Studio 4°C
this movie won the 2005 Mainichi Film Awards Winner, Ofugi Award and 2004 Japan Media Arts Festival Winner, Grand Prize (beating out HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE)
It's outta this world~!!! A Visually Must see movie

Sk-8 Boarding Jacket

Still in progress....


it's been 4 days since break started and yet I wake up early 8:30 to rush to work
Sewing & Fighting over sewing machines & merrow machines & chain stitch machines & 1 step zig zag machine (cause there's only one working machine of each in that lab)
12 pieces of swimwear & active performance wear is due soon
so far just 2 pieces down......

Smile Faucet

Smile Faucet event @ Fontana's
which shows a bunch of artists, designers, film makers, photographers, illustrators, painters, sound designers, composers, musicians, writers, DJs, VJs, animators, actors, ... any creative minds
showing their short works
Jason & Sahli & Jerry & Stubbs worked together to do a piece on this years theme "Air"
check out www.smilefaucet.com

Her Stories Interview

Her Stories new web-magzine, they came to interview mikeSK's female designers for next month's issue
and I was TENSE~!! Not like Mike... he was a natural (used to be a child actor)
but the staff was so friendly and nice

Bye-Bye Bustier

The Bustier I made is finally up
located in FIT's 6 floor of C building
in a teeny display case
Professor took it...and I'm leaving to Milan for a year soon
so....who knows if I'll ever get it back (took me forever to make it)

Sketch Nite in the Society of illustrator

Went to Society of illustrator on Thursday for sketch Nite
for a nite of Buffet, models and Jazz
It was great~but the food was definitely distracking when ur drawing (Nummyies)
The models were great @ posing and really worked the outfits SEx Bunny and Little Lamb Looks
I'll be back again on a Tuesday Sketch Nite

Comedy Central

Always forgot to post these pics
Went to Comedy Central Office (this was probably in Nov)
interior and colors were Mad Cool
Most of all the huge painted walls were awesome
what a great working atmosphere

Mass Market Balenciaga

Prof. John wanted us to do a paper about recreating and marketing down an exsisting designer we saw from the runway for 2007
did Balenciaga

Only 5 weeks left of school
Soooo much to do in so little time (I say this every semester")
Broke off a lot of promises and dates
going to see a play & drinking & going to Buffalo & drawing
I'm Sorry guys~ TnT
if it wasn't for Milan I'd be up for it
After 5 more weeks I'll be a better friend