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Diana Lin is a fashion designer, T-shirt designer and an illustrator who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Using humorous and eccentric style through her works. Born and raised in New York City majority of Diana's childhood memories were obsessively drawing. At the age 10 after living in the big city she moved to the south of Taiwan, Ping Tung. The cultural transition made a huge influence in her life and works. She took her first step in Fashion Design by Enrolling into Mingsheng High, where she won twice 1st place in both Fashion Design competition and illustration competition, 10th in the National Fashion Design Contest and won a Honor Award in Fashion Design. After spending her teen years in Taiwan, She headed back home to NY, carrying on her studies in Fashion Institute of Technology, where her works have been held in displays and exhibitions. Diana aside has exhibited and collaborated her works in other various fields and events from urban tees to performance. Diana studied her final year abroad in Milan (FIT in Politecnico di Milano). Diana perspective towards designing is to utilize different ranges of medium and technique with a dose of unconventional humor

Exhibit & Awards

*Pie- Art Display, Union Square, NYC. September 2009
*POLIMI Fashion Show in Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy June 2008
*Publishing in UK Fashion Illustration 2008
*Everybody! Let`s Make Some Noise @ White Room Group Exhibit, Brooklyn, NYC March 2007
*WONKAVISION MAGAZINE PRESENTS: "Long In The Tooth Group Exhibit, Philadelphia March 2007
°Metropolis Gallery April 2007
°The Lizard Lounge Group Exhibit April 2007
°Fashion Art Display in Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan NYC May 2006
*Body Conture Display in Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan NYC May 2006-Present
*Fashion Art Display at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan NYC May 2004-2006'
°Fashion Design Achivement Award 2002
*10th Place National High School Fashion Design Competition 2002
*1st Place Mingsheing High Fashion Design Competition 2002
*1st Place Mingsheing High Illurstration Competition 2002
*1st Place Mingsheing High Fashion Design Competition 2001
*1st Place Anti-Drugs Illurstration Competition 2001
*3rd Place Mingsheing High Fashion Design Competition 2000
*1st Place Dancing Competition 1999
*3rd Place Native Taiwanese Dancing Competition 1999

Friday, December 29, 2006


This is an ornament me and J
did last year for the Raishs' family X'mas tree
Merry Xmas~!!!


I knitted and design (cyclops octopus) the fabric
What a pain in the ass to make

頑張って!!!!Finals are coming....Dec.5

We have about 2 more weeks till this semester's over
these couple of weeks we have alot of exams, aton of papers and mad projects
Have to knit our own fabric (to make 3 garment pieces)
in total we have to sew 6 garments
Everybody is working hard and are tired
GanBaDaY!! 頑張って!!!!( がんばって)

X-mas in the air....Nov.28

Right after Halloween is over
Bam! X-mas is every corner u go
I never really liked X-mas maybe cause I was always poor and bitter like Scrooge
but here me and J are making X-mas decorations
like Santa's little slave elves


Went to the Jonathan Levine Gallery to see Shags' new stuff
very 50's
While drinking free cheap PBR beers
we spotted the man himself "Shag"
he looks like he came out of his paintings

Spotted Big Foot !!.....Nov.13

Went to the park today and guess who I spotted...


There was a lot of projects to be done this week
Everybodys about to fall asleep and pass out
out of all the projects this bustier took one of the longest time to finish
our teacher picked mine to be in the FIT display window (6 Floor of C building)~ Hard work paid off

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Week Later......

Milky flavored Pumpkin....Oct.30

This was dated Oct.30

Me & J had a ton of work to do but we put off some time to carve a pumpkin

Both Japanese cartoon figures

Milky Girl and Totoro